Wedding Photographer Uses Photos to Find Bride’s Lost Diamond

Wedding Photographer Finds Diamond Ring

A wedding photographer’s quick thinking prevented a disaster after a bride’s huge diamond ring went missing.

Laura Palacios was shooting the couple’s big day and toward the end, the bride and groom wanted to jump into the pool. About five minutes after, Palacios noticed people searching the pool floor.

Bridge and groom jump into the pool
The couple wanted to end their big day by jumping into the pool.

“I asked, ‘Did you lose something?’ My gut was saying it was the ring,” Palacios tells Newsweek. “The bride, Courtney, put her hand on the side of the pool for me to see. The ring was there. The diamond was gone. She was as calm and happy as she had been all day.”

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Despite the bride’s calmness over the situation, wedding guests were frantically searching for the missing gem — that’s when Palacios had her brilliant idea.

“I looked back through images and realized it had gone missing at some point on the dance floor,” says the wedding shooter.

Her ingenuity meant that the group quickly ascertained they were looking in the wrong place, Palacios’s pictures confirmed that the diamond had gone missing long before the couple jumped in the pool.

While examining her photos from earlier in the evening, the photographer discovered where the diamond went from being on the right (left) to missing (right) in a sequence of photos.

“I would have jumped in the pool to help them look, but I wanted to be sure we weren’t wasting time looking in the wrong place,” adds Palacios.

A wedding party find the missing ring
The moment the diamond ring is discovered wedged in a wooden slat on the dance floor.

The dance floor actually had wooden slats but amazingly the diamond was so big that it had become wedged in a gap.

“It was a miracle,” Palacios adds. She posted another video of the moment the precious jewel was recovered by a staff member who returned it to the grateful bride and groom.

@laurapalaciosphoto Replying to @user3206423994034 the most iconic cool and collected bride & groom ever. And shout out to @winegardennbv (the venue) employee who found it wedged between the slats of the dance floor. We ran over as I realized it must have fallen at some point on the dance floor based on the photos, and thankfully it wasn’t in the pool! AND thankfully the groom bought a diamond so big it got wedged in the gaps! #weddingstories #crazyweddingstory #founddiamond #fortlauderdalewedding ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

More of Palacios’s work can be viewed on her website, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: All photos by Laura Palacios.