Pika is Smartphone Bot That Helps Kids Explore the World with a Camera

Pika is a new bot friend that “explores the world” with children through the use of a smartphone camera. The concept combines the camera with computer vision and augmented reality.

Pika “learns” through a series of games that allow children to teach it various skills. For example, Pika might ask a child to teach it about primary colors. So, the user would then go and capture images of the target colors with the camera.

“The Pika colors game sends children on a color spotting adventure, allowing the whole world to be an open playground to be explored via the camera,” say the creators. “As Pika learns a color then a badge is unlocked; Pika now knows that color and is ready to use its newly learned skill for more open-ended play.”

At the moment there is one game for Pika to play, but others will be developed should the crowdfunding campaign prove to be a success.

Here’s an introduction into what the Pika robot is all about:

“As Pika learns, it grows and evolves to open up further creative play,” say the creators. “This campaign will bring Pika to life as a character and its first learning game about primary colors.”

Pika is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter with a launch planned for April 2018. You can support Pika and get a copy of the app yourself with a contribution of at least $13 through the campaign.