Photography ASMR: Video Compares Satisfying Shutter Sounds of Cameras

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Social media users have been debating which camera has the most satisfying shutter sound of them all.

A viral video, posted on TikTok by lens manufacturer TTArtisan, compared the shutter sounds of various cameras.

@ttartisan_global Comparing the shutter sound of cameras (season 2) #camera #photographer #fujifilm #nikon #leica #canon #filmcamera ♬ original sound – TTArtisan

The clip amassed over 3.5 million views on TikTok and had photographers debating which shutter sound was the most gratifying.

In the popular clip, TTArtisan compared the shutter sounds of the Fujifilm X-Pro I, the Nixon D3X, the Leica M240, the Canon 6D, and the Huazhong Film camera — and viewers were torn.

Several TikTok users felt that the Nikon D3X had the least satisfying shutter sound — reminding them of “paparazzi” and the “sound of a diesel engine.” However, other photographers disagreed and said Nikon had that “satisfying perfect shutter sound.”

Meanwhile, some viewers called the Huazhong Film camera’s shutter sound pleasantly “nostalgic.” While another photographer argued that it resembled the “sound of a horror movie.”

But many TikTok users seemed to be drawn to the distinct shutter sound of the Leica M240 camera.

“The Leica was smooth,” a photographer writes.

“Something about that Leica M240 resonates with my mechanical keyboard enthusiasm,” another viewer humorously comments.

Social media users praised TTArtisan’s video as “photography ASMR” and several individuals said they felt inspired to take some pictures after watching the clip.

Meanwhile, others lamented the fact that smartphone cameras offer no reassuring shutter sound for photographers and give nothing but “silence.”

The shutter sound of a camera can be influenced by factors such as the camera model and design, the type of shutter, and the shutter speed. Different camera models and shutter types produce varying sounds, with focal plane shutters generally being louder and leaf shutters quieter. The speed at which the shutter operates affects the duration and character of the sound.

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Image credits: Header photo via TikTok/@ttartisan_global.