Meike’s New Sony E to Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter is Wafer Thin

Meike Mount Adapter ETZ

Meike has announced a new Sony E-mount to Nikon Z-mount autofocus adapter that allows photographers to use their Sony lenses on Nikon’s new mirrorless camera bodies.

The company says the new Meike Mount Adapter ETZ autofocus adapter is designed with combined protocols from both Sony and Nikon to allow for basically full Sony lens functionality when connected to a Nikon camera.

The Mount Adapter supports full EXIF data transmission and Meike says that most of the menu options that are related to the lens are available and supported including sensor-based vibration reduction and both single and continuous autofocus. Manual focus is, of course, also supported. The company adds that aperture control is also enabled and the adapter is capable of allowing a videographer to rely on full-time autofocus as well.

“When shooting video and taking pictures of people and animals, it is recommended to turn on face and eye recognition in Menu and use auto area AF for a better experience,” Meike says, indicating that the adapter not only supports Eye-AF but performs even better when it is in use than without it.

Of note, Meike adds that in difficult to focus environments — like low light situations or with heavily backlit subjects — it recommends that photographers use single point autofocus with a center-weighted focus area.

Perhaps most impressively, Meike’s mount adapter is remarkably thin — it is just 2mm thick outside of the mounting bayonet. As a result, it should not markedly affect the weight or balance of a lens and camera and photographers might not even be able to tell the camera and lens were never intended to work together. It’s also extremely light, coming in at just 0.097 pounds (44.2 grams).

Meike has not listed a cameras or lens compatibility chart, indicating that the company doesn’t forsee any issue using any modern E-mount lens with any current Nikon Z camera. The adapter’s firmware can also be updated should Meike need to address any compatibility issues in the future. Instructions on where to access the most recent firmware and how to upgrade it can be found on Meike’s website.

The Mount Adapter ETZ for Sony E Mount Lenses to Nikon Z Cameras is available direcly from Meike for $160.