Spring Senior Class of 2015 Special

Spring Special for Class of 2015 Senior Portraits

Lake 0149 EDIT 600x428 Spring Senior Class of 2015 Special

Early Bird Senior Savings:

If you have a junior in High School, they will need to have their senior pictures done this summer or early fall. Because this is an important part of your student’s journey and a very busy time for us, we want to offer you special savings and the ability to lock in your preferred placement now.
Here’s the deal:
We are offering half off all senior sessions and 10% off your print order for any 2014 senior session. The only thing you need to do is put a $200 deposit down to secure the savings.
This offer gives you two great discounts and when it is time to schedule we will give you priority over other callers (based on schedule availability.)
To recap:  put $200 down and receive two great discounts and preferred placement when it is time to schedule your senior session.
Lock in summer savings for your High School Senior (current high school juniors) now!
Offer ends April 30!
Kyler 0007 edit 600x450 Spring Senior Class of 2015 Special


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2014 Bridal Show Special

Modern Photographics and Dan Johnson Photography are participating in a few shows this Bridal Show season.

January 10th and 11th we are both at the Bunny Tuxedo Bridal show in Grand Rapids.  Come on down and meet us.

If you book at the  show you will receive a Free 20×30 Print ($280 value) for booking our photography, a Free hour of Coverage ($50 value) for booking a photobooth, a second videographer at no cost if you book Videography

More information about the show is available at http://grbridalshow.com/

ng Ryan Amber Wedding 13171 2014 Bridal Show Special

Grand Volute Wedding

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Brandon Mulnix and Family Update

Brandon Mulnix Famly 2013 600x400 Brandon Mulnix and Family Update

Mulnix Family update 2013

2013 was a huge year for the Modern Photographics Family.  In June the studio was purchased by Dan and Jodi Johnson of Dan Johnson Photography.  This was a huge answer to prayer for our family, because it allowed Emily and I to concentrate on the coming addition to our family.  The 10 month adventure to bring our son home from Ethiopia concluded in August when we were finally joined as a family.  Our son is adjusting well to our family.  He started school in late September and is quickly becoming Americanized.  He speaks almost all English, and any word he doesn’t know seems made up at this point.  Winter brought with it his first experience with snow and bitter cold.  Playing outside is what he enjoys the best, but winter is limiting his playful spirit.

Our daughter is also adjusting well to having a little brother after ten years of being an only child.  She is doing great in school and is looking forward most to playing softball in the spring.  Together they make a great team.  The fight a lot, but when they get along they are a tag team of silliness.  Our family is so blessed to be together and its even more blessed to be home regularly with the kids.  Dan and Jodi have taken so much of our burden off our shoulders.

Now just because I don’t call myself owner doesn’t mean I am not working hard.  I get the blessing of being a photographer for an amazing studio!  I continue to photograph weddings, seniors, children, and families, but now I get to do it with a lot less stress.  The team that Modern Photographics and Dan Johnson Photography is becoming is what photography is all about.  Trying to do everything on our own was tough, but together our family of clients gets blessed by the whole team.  Thank you for all your Prayers and support during the year of transition for our Family and for Modern Photographics.

You can follow our families journey on facebook by liking our page: http://www.facebook.com/MulnixFamilyAdoption

Brandon Mulnix

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Modern Photographics has a Photo Booth and its Booking Quickly!

Modern Photographics has a Photo Booth and its Booking Quickly!

Photo Booths add a new element to any event.  Your Guests can take home a photo of themselves enjoying your party.  With so many people relying on Facebook to store their precious memories, a 2×6 strip of 3 photos of them being silly makes their living or work space more enjoyable.  Being silly is easy when you have oversized Sunglasses,  face Mustache, Cowboy hat, or even an old frame to be creative with.  Laughter is a side effect of our Photo booth.  When your guests walk away with that silly grin of just “kissing” in the photo booth you can smile as well.

photo booth lowell michigan 200x300 Modern Photographics has a Photo Booth and its Booking Quickly!

Photo booth typical setup

What types of events should include a photobooth?

  1. Wedding Reception
  2. Birthday Party
  3. Anniversary
  4. Graduation Party
  5. Community Events (Riverwalk, County Fair, Fund Raisers)
  6. Senior Citizen Events
  7. Church Youth Group All Nighters
  8. Business Grand  Openings
  9. Girls Night Out
  10. Sporting Events
  11. Corporate Party
  12. Holiday Gathering
20130315 173156 197x300 Modern Photographics has a Photo Booth and its Booking Quickly!

Adoption Fundraiser

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Winter Wedding Disaster Prevention

Winter or Summer Wedding Disaster Prevention Plan

rain on wedding day lowell mi 400x600 Winter Wedding Disaster Prevention

Making the most of it- Raining during outdoor wedding

When you set your expectations for the wedding to include outside uncontrollable elements you are opening the door for disaster.  So how do you prevent disasters from occurring?  First we must define what a disaster is?- A sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life (Must be true, I found it on the Internet). In the case of a wedding the bride or groom are the only people who can declare their event a disaster.  No one else has the authority to, because its Wedding Law (I think).  Lets review the 4 levels of Wedding Incidents:

  • Level 1- Minor Incident – (Usually only one or both of the individuals involved)
  • Level 2- Moderate Event- (The Bride, Groom, Bridal Party and immediate Family are impacted)
  • Level 3 – Major Catastrophe- (The Bride, Groom, Bridal Party, Immediate Family and Guests are impacted)
  • Level 4- Wedding Disaster- (Everyone involved, Bridal Party, Guests, and Vendors are effected)

Minor Incident (Level 1) are only stressful to the individuals involved.  A dress rips, a flower breaks, shoes are the wrong size, or similar things that can add up, but individually are minor and shouldn’t effect the wedding.   The best way to keep these incidents managed is to have a person or persons to go to for help.  Usually the Master or Mistress of ceremonies is the person for this task, but as a photographer I find myself stepping in to help.  The main objective is not to stress out the bride, groom, or other mother of the bride.  Preparation can prevent most of these incidents from becoming incidents in the first place.  Trying on tuxes the day before, having an emergency supply kit, or having a written itinerary to follow.

Moderate Event (Level 2) are usually a number of Level 1 events that have either gotten out of hand, or happened to quickly to be contained.  A groomsman’s car breaking down on the way to the wedding venue, or a bridesmaid forgetting her dress at home.  The common denominator is usually time.  Its going to take more time to fix than is available.  When a moderate event has occurred its best to stay calm and ask for help.  The wedding coordinator, event manager, photographer, or officiant are great resources when something like this occurs.  When a moderate event has happened at a wedding in the past as a photographer it was stressful, but keeping things moving in the direction towards the marriage was the only solution.  A valuable asset when a delay is inevitable is being flexible and encouraging others to do the same.  Take for example a bridesmaid’s dress rips or isn’t available to wear on the wedding day.  If the bridesmaid is a good friend, they will understand not having them stand up in the ceremony.  If symmetry is important have a corresponding groomsman usher people in or help in some other way.  How the bride reacts to a moderate event will determine if it becomes a major catastrophe or not.

Major Catastrophe (Level 3) can be a wedding killer.  A blizzard on a wedding day can cause a major catastrophe if allowed to.  Weddings have been called off in fear of a catastrophe, but rarely ever should.  As long as a ceremony can be performed a wedding shouldn’t be called off.  This doesn’t mean risk everyone’s life to drive 20 miles through a tornado to get to the church, but it means a wedding will still take place.  The delay of the wedding doesn’t determine if its a catastrophe or not.  Its how the bride and groom feel.  A day, week, month, or even year delay doesn’t mean they had a major catastrophe.  If the bride is so upset that relationships are destroyed because she flipped out on people, that would be a catastrophe.  The attitude of the bride and groom during such an event effects the level of the incident in most cases.  Your wedding guests will be understand a hail storm delaying your wedding an hour, but won’t be so appreciative of a bride that is screaming at her mother or husband.  This isn’t limited to the bride.  Lets take for example a wedding vendor.  Your wedding was delayed 2 hours because of a severe tornado warning and corresponding rain and hail.  As your wedding party arrives at the reception facility the food manager is more than likely going to be very stressed and possibly visually upset.  Their attitude can cause a catastrophe to an event.  Witnessing a bride and groom being scolded because they were late do to weather was embarrassing for the entire wedding party, and really negatively effected the event.

Wedding Disaster (Level 4) usually is assumed to be a canceled or wedding were the marriage doesn’t take place.  The nightmare of being stood up at the alter, or worse is sometimes a reality, but thankfully not often.  The only way for a proclamation of wedding disaster to occur is not on the wedding day, but after a period of time to reflect upon the cancellation or marriage not happening.  If 2 years after the canceled wedding you look back and understand it was the best thing that could have happened then its not a disaster, even though it feels like it on the wedding day.   A bad wedding day no marriage can be better than a great wedding resulting in a bad marriage, but that is only speculation.

Wedding Disaster plan:

Preventative steps:

1.  Keep it simply splendid (K.I.S.S)- Let’s do the math:  Bride + Groom + God = Marriage, because of legality you need to add an Officiant and Witness.  As you add more people you add additional or even multipliers to the equation.

2.  Semper Gumby  (Always Flexible)- The only person who knows what the perfect wedding is, is you!  (Not if) When incidents occur be flexible and remember that at the marriage will happen with you happy or not.  Creativity and duct tape will also help.
3.  Ask for help- Don’t be alone on deserted island having a pity party on your wedding day.  Ask for help if you need it, don’t just rely on Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Fiance, or Friends.   Ask your wedding vendors for help.  They all want your day to be stress free.  I love it when my brides ask me for help, when they are happy the photos come out amazing!

4.  What if’s- If if has to do with the weather there must be some thought as to what if.  Plan ahead for What if it rains on my outdoor wedding, What if there is a blizzard?, but be reasonable and flexible.  Rain might only delay an outdoor wedding an hour, a blizzard or hurricane might delay it a month.

In the end the best wedding disaster plan is the one never used, but the worst one is the one you don’t have when you need it.

Please share by commenting below any suggestions you have for a wedding disaster plan, or stories of one you may have experienced.

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Celebrate Service – Dave Carroll- United Breaks Guitars Book Giveaway!

Celebrate Service !- Dave Carroll- United Breaks Guitars Book Giveaway!

Celebrate Service 2013 0263 399x600 Celebrate Service   Dave Carroll  United Breaks Guitars Book Giveaway!

Bad customer service just sucks!  Most everyone has experienced it at some point or another in their life time.  Dave Carroll shared his experience with the winners of the Celebrate Service awards banquet from Celebration Cinema this week.  It was a great event and I was blessed to be there to photograph it.  Photographing an event like Celebrate Service is like not working at all.  I learned so much from Dave Carroll and the winners of the local awards.  Celebration Cinemas know how to promote great service.  They went above and beyond to honor local businesses from their different markets across West Michigan.


Celebrate Service 2013 0271 600x399 Celebrate Service   Dave Carroll  United Breaks Guitars Book Giveaway!

One  of my favorite businesses to win was The Parlor Tattoo of Benton Harbor Michigan. I liked the fact that they won because they are a small business who knows customer service.  Small businesses make up the majority of businesses in our country yet few are recognized in such a big way.  The awards were voted on by the public in the service area where the business is located.  The voting this year was intense!

Celebrate Service 2013 0288 600x399 Celebrate Service   Dave Carroll  United Breaks Guitars Book Giveaway!

What makes for Good Customer serviceWhen have you received great customer service?  Tell you story in the comments below and one lucky person will win a copy of Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars book.  I will draw one winner on March 1st, 2013.

Check out this video from Dave Carroll!

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